Too often we get bogged down by the day to day business details that need to be maintained and executed. However, we do not consider anything else going on with ourselves.

This can take a toll on our mental health.

A lot of times, we must realize that there are also psychological factors at play when it comes to running a business as an entrepreneur.

How you are able to handle all of the ups and downs, the mundane and the exciting, is due to a mindset that involves psychological growth.

Every successful business starts with a plan that needs to be executed as part of workplace practices, but most people neglect the strategic plan to manage one’s mental health.

In order for your business to run smoothly and for business partners to understand your management plan, it’s crucial to be aware of your mental health and  psychological well-being. Furthermore, for employees and customers to be happy, there are psychosocial factors with guidelines that must be followed.

The psychology of entrepreneurship is more than just holding on and forcing positive emotions or attitudes in order to keep everything together. Ultimately, it’s learning how important each psychological factor is geared towards helping you run a successful business.

Here are the ways in which you can implement and sustain a successful business with actionable positive psychology and to harbor a growth mindset no matter what stage of your entrepreneurship beauty brand journey you are in.

Psychological Factor #1: Mindset

psychology of a growth mindset

It seems that mindset for a positive psychology is the bread and butter of every success story ever written by humankind; but there is clearly a reason for that.

Mindset controls everything because it clearly works.

Your mind is a powerful tool that can either harm or help you in your business outcomes. Positive or negative mindset can influence your business in all possible ways.

Follow the experience and career of any successful business person in any field and they will probably tell you that, in some form, their mindset played a part in helping them achieve where they are today.

Take this to heart and cultivate your mind to this practice. Continue to educate yourself in your business. Read up on the newest trends and follow up with the experts in your field so that you can learn from the best. Always develop a desire to learn new things and push yourself to new heights. This will keep you sharp and on top of your game.

When you are hungry and striving for success, you can achieve more than you know if you have the mindset that believes it’s possible AND the action to follow through.

Because nothing is possible without the action to make it a reality.

It doesn’t happen with just thinking it can happen.

It may take some training and some emotional awareness, but this mindset can become the backbone to ride the trials and tribulations of your beauty brand business and be the first major step for psychological growth.

Psychological Factor #2: Character

psychological growth mindset: character

Character is an integral part of who you are and how you go through life. It is the basis in which your reputation is perceived by others.

It also is the place where psychological growth really occurs.

It takes a certain character to be willing to acknowledge mental health as an important psychological growth factor.

And character is the foundation for reputation.

In business, reputation is everything. Have a bad rep, and no one will want to come near you.

Reputation is the basis of what people can expect from you. It also shows whether you have true integrity and character as a potential business partner.

Character precedes reputation and reputation is made on the fundamentals of your character. A major key character trait others look for is trustworthiness. Trust is a huge factor of business success and the people won’t be able to trust you unless you have established that trust within your own character.

Having a solid character is the core of whether or not your employees respect you and whether or not your customers can rely on you. Therefore, in your beauty brand business, it’ s important to maintain honesty and integrity in all you do.

Establishing character that is willing to look at the necessary psychosocial factors of running a business, emits the positive emotions needed to keep everything together for a productive and healthy work environment.

This will create the authenticity of your beauty brand, which will allow people to feel that your business can be a brand they can stand behind no matter what.

Psychological Factor #3: Execution

psychological growth mindset : execution

When all is said in done, pretty words and promises mean nothing if you don’t follow through with action.

Actions speak louder than words because it is something that can seen and felt by others, not just manually exercised nonsensical, unknown promises.

How you help your psychology for a successful business is to make sure that what you execute is in line with your character integrity.

Always follow through with what you tell others you intend to do. If a hiccup or roadblock comes up and you are not able to fulfill a promise, make amends and explain your situation. It’s also a good business practice to offer something that your customer or business partners can feel satisfied with until you come through with the original expectation.

Or better yet, do even greater than what others expect of you. By aspiring to achieve above and beyond, you will be understood as someone that cares about the effective execution of their business and the ethical practices of being an entrepreneur.

This helps build your character, which ultimately establishes an iron-clad mindset that naturally encourages positive emotions to foster psychological growth.

The execution part of psychology can only materialize when you’ve established the mindset within you and the character of you are. The executing aspect is successful because you’ve taken the time to focus on what really matters with your psychological well-being.

Know Thyself: The Entrepreneurship Journey

Know Thyself: The Entrepreneurship Journey

As you run your beauty brand business, pay attention to what internally drives you. Your emotions and mindset will play a role in how you run your business. If you don’t keep up your mental health in check with your own business, success may slip and falter.

Consider understanding your mental health with a personality test. Learning your personality traits may be keen to understanding yourself and the reason, or the “why,” for your beauty business. There are multiple quizzes and tests nowadays such as the Myers-Briggs and Kolbe A psychological tests that are used by businesses to assess personality traits to build a better business environment and structure.

What internally drives and motivates you may be key to understanding the lapses and successes in your business practices, and that in itself can be the ultimate game-changer.

Socrates once said, “Know Thyself.” The wise Ancient Greek philosopher definitely got one thing right: to “know thyself” really is the key to understanding your own life and your own worth for the freedom of self-expression.

The things you help to create in your life starts with your psychological well-being.

You cannot be successful unless you appreciate this one factor.

However, you may even try to put yourself to the wayside and ignore the pleas of your mental health. But just give your best attempt to drown yourself in your business and ignore the important parts of yourself that are screaming for much needed care and attention. You might say to yourself that you have to ignore the care for your psychological growth because you’d rather treasure your business because it’s your baby.

But remember this: you can only take care of and know your baby if you take care of and know yourself first.

Otherwise, both you and your beauty brand business “baby” will suffer in the long-run

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