Starting any business comes with a learning curve. Beauty businesses in particular are vast in their product options and marketing. Understanding the different approaches to marketing and producing your product is essential for success

However, sometimes the best laid plans do not always work out. It is often difficult to sort out what to do in those moments. The most important step, however, is to learn how to adapt from setbacks and look at things from a new angle to continue progressing forward.

Sometimes, it is even crucial to change your approach when tackling unforeseen problems. While it may seem overwhelming at times, there are many ways in which to tackle problems and it all begins with your mental acuity and having a growth mindset when things are not looking up.

First things first. Obviously, you would not have clicked on this article if you were not currently going through a setback or foresee a potential issue in the future during challenging times.

Because, guess what? Everyone goes through failures and setbacks. That’s a part of life.

Don’t let the fear of failure emerge from a dark cave in the back of your mind to waste time towards your personal and professional progress.

And while it’s not the most exciting part, think about how much you’ll learn when you arrive on the other side.

Because you will make it.

All it takes is the choice to make that steady progress forward.

Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations

The Power Plan to Power You

With your mix of emotions and the fear of failure poking its head into your line of vision, the first thing you need to do is to take a deep breath. Deep breaths have been shown to control the stress response or the “flight or fight” reaction in the brain.

Then, smile.

Finally, strike your power pose, and tell yourself that you got this.

Now that you have given your body the emotional cues to succeed, it will be easier to implement action that needs to be taken and what must be done to actually obtain that success.

After all, there is a reason for the saying “fake it till you make it.” Fake that confidence until it becomes so natural and instinctual—almost like a habit—that you and your body eventually and totally believe it to be true. Believe it or not, emotions, especially positive emotions, are a valuable resource. Combating pessimistic thinking needs to be a deliberate practice.

Do not diminish subtle body confidence cues, for they truly can definitely help you in the long run.

Now you may be thinking, “It is all fun and games to fake some confidence, but how do I actually become confident and tackle existing or potential issues?”

Fear not! There are other strategies you can implement to take an active role in protecting your business interests and make daily progress onward and upward.

Here are the four strategies you can trust to help you get your feet under you and truly bounce back from any issue that may come your way.

And put that fear of failure back in its dark cave.

woman in a sunflower field looking forward

4 Powerful Strategies to Turn Setbacks into Set-Forwards

Forward movement is the key to set you and your beauty brand up for success with steady progress. So start with practical managerial actions that gives you a healthy dose of healthy habits to cast aside negative thinking and integrate your power of progress forward plan into action.

1. Take ownership when things go wrong

It may seem obvious, but do not blame others when things go wrong. 

It is so easy to look elsewhere for your misgivings. All too often, a common event involves business owners who want to blame the business failings on their employees. While it’s challenging and uncomfortable, it is important to take a good hard look in the mirror from time to time.

Make a habit to ask yourself some serious questions with a growth mindset. What can you do better? Are you treating you others, especially your employees, well and with respect? How is everyone functioning as a team? These are just some questions to speculate over and make daily progress in because successful people look inwards…not out.

Problems usually originate from the top and work their way down, so it is crucial to take ownership when things do not go well. It is vastly important that you are on top of things without suffocating others, because each person must take ownership of themselves.

Be a solid leader—a person who is not afraid to look inward and take action. There’s no need to control every aspect of your business.

Ordinary people need a sense of control.

Don’t be ordinary.

Let your employees do what they are best at. You are a leader in your business so embrace the role and everything that comes with it.

men and women holding hands as a team

2. Figure out creative solutions

When it comes to taking managerial actions, problems are not always obvious. There are times when you need to look at problems from a different perspective and seek other valuable resources to help. Maybe the problem did not originate from where it is perceived to have come from.

When it comes to tackling business setbacks and product failures, it is important to be creative. If you are not the most creative person, look to others for help. Every person in your business will have a different perspective on how to do things. Take note of that and collect what you find to be useful and discard the rest.

You can also look to your environment for resources. There is also a huge plethora of perspectives online for additional learning resources as well. You are never alone in your venture so there’s no need to do everything yourself. 

Progress only comes to those who take innovative action. There are no limits when it comes to creativity as a resource.

3. Take note of existing trends 

People like to look at what other people are interested in. This is what makes social media such a valuable tool in business. Social media is a wildfire when it comes to trends, so it is good to make a habit of keeping up with what is trending on different platforms.

Pay attention to what people want and what is profitable. Don’t necessarily do what is better than the competition…do what is different. Go back to your brand’s story. What makes you unique? What will help your brand’s forward progress is using the story of your brand to reinvent what is trending and what the community of your customer base will enjoy.

When you decide to reinvent things based on trends, make sure that when you have a product that it is well supplied. No amount of advertising is going to help you if you have nothing to sell, so do not bite off more than you can chew as a business. 

Even though the existing businesses are trendy, understand that trends change quickly, so have products that last and that are truly wholesome, not just a fad.

Stand out by your powerful progress…even with any setbacks with new launches.

By all means take inspiration from trends…but then find ways to make it your own.

depressed woman having stress from fear of failure

4. Mental health is key

The importance of mental health cannot be understated. Nothing in business can flow well if you and your employees are mentally exhausted. Burnout is what kills businesses in a lot of ways.

If your employees are overworked, they will not want to stay and perform to the best of their abilities. They may want to look for other job offers, and the turnover rate of needing to constantly replace people will take a toll on your business.

When you are the leader of your business it is important to take note of how others are truly doing. 

That includes yourself. 

If you are juggling too many things, something will give out. It is just the nature of things. Employ healthy habits for you and your team. Take time to mentally take care of your needs and be aware of your employees’ needs as well.

You can also include physical activity habits throughout your workday. Physical and mental health go well together for optimum work performance.

A well-oiled machine has many parts, and if those parts are starting to rust, everything eventually stops working.

So, on days when mental health needs some tender loving care…you progress forward by giving yourself time for YOU.

woman standing in a field of sunflowers celebrating her success

Power of Progress = Little Victories

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”  – Jack Canfield

Businesses rise and fall on a daily basis. Use these power of progress strategies to ensure that your beauty brand business is here to stay.

New ventures tend to come with an extensive amount of trial and error, even failure. But eventually, you will get ahead of the curve if you practice and implement measures to be successful and do away with any negative thinking, so you can welcome those positive emotions and forward progress.

Progress can become a habit because what it is essentially little victories. And as a person who practices the power of progress, every day in every way, you will move forward.

Nothing is ever easy. Anyone that tells you cannot roll with the challenging punches of life. Remember that you are in charge of how things will evolve and change in your beauty business. So take your setbacks, learn from them, and turn them into launching pads for the next venture.

Because you never know what gold mine it just might lead you too. 

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