When starting a beauty brand, it is important to realize that your story matters. You may be asking yourself, “what does it matter if people know my story? Isn’t it enough that I have a brand that fills a certain need?”

Well, no, it is not. 

In fact, filling a need is only one of the criteria crucial to launch a beauty brand. While starting a beauty business can be overwhelming at first, your story and your brand are interconnected and is of the utmost importance when relating to your customer, creating content, and retaining loyal business.

Now that we have that established, let us begin our journey into why your story matters and why storytelling in the beauty industry is essential.

Emotional Buying

People buy emotionally. In fact, most of what humans do comes from an emotional place. Our perspectives on how we think, feel, and process are usually crowded with emotions with a specific emotional response on top of logical-based thinking.

Now, shift that perspective into buying a product. For example, say there are two red lipsticks on the market from two different companies. Both are roughly the same price. They have similar color pigment, and they both have rave reviews. You, the consumer, is utterly conflicted about which company to go with. Keep in mind neither product is superior. Both products are evenly matched. However, the brand and founder’s story comes into play.

One brand stands out to you more than the other because this business may donate 10% of the profit to a certain charity that relates to the reason the founder launched their beauty brand in the first place. Due to this component, you decide to purchase the red lipstick from the brand that has a more established background and story. 

Because of emotional appeal, the consumer is then logically able to pick one company over the other and is emotionally pleased with the purchase.

Emotional Appeal 

Now, the story that was laid out to you above may seem insignificant. You may be saying to yourself, “There could be other components and reasons as to why the customer in my target market chooses one company over the other. It all comes down to marketing and their marketing strategy.”

While that may be true in some cases, in these push and pull moments of purchasing, emotional appeal of the brand and story completely matters. Why do you think companies reach out to influencers? It is because influencers represent themselves (their own brand) and they reach out to you (the consumer) to reveal the reasons (brand/story) as to why they like a certain company (content).

This display of content marketing on behalf of the influencer is a powerful tool to the credibility of your business. Successful influencers must enumerate the reasons why they like a brand, their products, and the company as a whole.

Influencers, just like your consumer must like a brand and story to support the selling of the company’s product. The same sentiments the influencer has is translated to the customer. The customer is emotionally convicted for the reasons as to why they would choose one company over another. That’s the power of storytelling in the beauty space.

Establishing Authenticity

While emotional appeal is important, customers also need to resonate with the reasons as to why your beauty products and your brand story matters. 

By relating to your customers on a personal level, you are better able to source your niche’s needs, thereby creating a loyal and growth based client community. And, in some cases, a devout cult following of your products. 

Authenticity goes a long way in establishing trust. Most of the time, authenticity involves some sense of vulnerability. 

When telling your brand’s story, tell the truth. State the reasons as to why you wanted to start your company:

  1. What drove you to make the environment for the products you chose to create and promote? 
  2. What hardship if any did you endure to get to the place you are today. 
  3. What inspired you to create your brand? 
  4. What service does your brand provide others? 
  5. How will your company make a difference to the beauty community? 

These are just some of the questions you should be postulating over and answering to your consumer. 

Effortless Trust

When you establish trust and display vulnerability, it shows that you care about the business and that you are not just in it to make a profit. 

You establish that, you have a vision and a perspective that only you can give to the industry. Customers will naturally gravitate towards that vision. 

Being personable can go a long way in establishing trust. In a world where we are constantly inundated with sales pitches and advertisements, being authentic and establishing trust allows the customer to feel a sense of control in a world of inescapable marketing.

If customers feel like the purchasing power really is in their own hands, they feel empowered. When you are honest and you connect with your customers, you are not only empowering your customer… you are ultimately establishing a niche and a community that creates the groundwork for a loyal customer following. 

This extension of honesty is also extremely valuable, as it is also an invitation to new customers to form a belief in the work and vision of your brand.

Executing Business

A growth-based and loyal business is not an easy thing to achieve. It takes a lot of hard work and patience to reach any lofty goal. 

However, goals are attainable if you take one day at a time and remind yourself of why you began your business in the first place. That reminder is indescribably going to tie into your brand and personal story. 

Being authentic with your community of customers and establishing trust is not only important for your business, but it is also helpful for when you need inspiration for creating new products and launching new content ideas. 

Tapping into the reasons and the inspiration your personal story gives you is helpful to your customers, and it also gives you the motivation to continue succeeding in your business ventures.

Any great business starts with a story, an individual, and a vision. Your story and vision for your business’s brand is the center in all that you aspire to do. Start your beauty business the right way by investing in yourself and in the tools you need to help yourself become successful. 

Investing in you means taking the time to narrow your focuses, researching the right opportunities, and even getting some professional help to close in on who you are and what you represent as a business. 

Understanding your personal brand and story is vital in launching your perspective into the beauty world. When you realize that your story is the focus and the backbone of your company’s vision, the impact you may have can be powerful.

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