Since the beauty industry is not going anywhere, it may seem overwhelming what niche to focus on when deciding to build your beauty brand. However, it’s important to remember that the definition of beauty is more of a form of expression rather than clear a cut art form.

Plus, beauty norms have changed over the years. The focus on body positivity and self-expression values higher than “so-called” makeup norms for many consumers. Now, authentic self-expression through beauty is what the beauty industry thrives off of.

Because of the wide range  what you can do with your brand, the beauty standards are no more a place for validation purposes.

Instead, the beauty space is—and should be—a place for freedom.

The freedom to express yourself how you want.

Free to Be

The way people express themselves freely can be seen through many different avenues within the beauty industry. Self-expression lies at the heart of how people will often use their makeup and other beauty products in general.

Beauty products can cater to the need for generating the importance of individuality because self-expression and beauty typically go hand-in-hand.

While running your beauty business, it is vital that you understand why and how beauty is important to this freedom and inextricably linked to forms of self-expression values. A good example of this can be seen through nail art.

While nails are a popular choice, makeup in particular can be used as an art. Makeup artists see faces as a blank canvas in which to portray forms of artistic expression. It is for this reason that beauty is incredibly helpful at conveying character’s personality in film and theater.

Without makeup, your favorite villains or heroes would go un-manifested. In turn, without allowing authentic self-expressions of beauty, the story of one’s life can seem bleak and dull. Art allows things to come to life. Therefore, makeup and other fashion statements can be the catalyst in which that can happen.

The beauty industry is essential to the world of entertainment and for the everyday world, for it is an outlet of art itself.

So, in looking at the beauty industry, four essential components allow the freedom for self-expression. So, let’s talk more in depth about each one and how you can use this information when building your beauty brand.

Freedom of Self-Expression through Makeup

While beauty is important to the entertainment industry, it is also vital to the everyday person. Makeup, for the longest time, allowed an individual to hide their insecurities while enhancing their desired attributes.

In a way, this enhancement for a flawless illusion can make consumers feel comfortable in their skin when they have to face the world on a day-to-day basis. But unfortunately, this became the standard of beauty for many makeup brands to market towards throughout the world rather than just a form of fashion for optional reasons.

Now, beauty norms do not really exist. Beauty norms have become an individualistic choice.

To use, or not to use makeup, is a personal decision. It’s not a requirement any more.

Instead, more so than ever, different purposeful looks can be conveyed through makeup rather than using makeup to make oneself more beautiful. Whether these looks are professional, natural, day, or night, makeup can be a trademark l for how people choose to express themselves in a public manner.

The art of makeup is not about “hiding” imperfections anymore to be beautiful. It’s about the need for freedom and self-expression.

Without this evolution in the beauty industry, people’s options for how they want to present themselves would truly be limited. The reminder that art, in itself, is beauty allows for true freedom of expression to take place.

Therefore, when marketing your makeup, remember to emphasize these self-expression values.

Freedom of Self-Expression through Hairstyle

While makeup is seen to be the main component in which people use to express themselves, other parts of the beauty industry are used as well. Hair, nails, and body products are used as a means of the ultimate self-expression.

Hairstyles are the ultimate fashion statements. Usually, a certain hairstyle is often used to convey looks for particular eras. The classic old Hollywood looks, to the modern eras, hairstyles have been known to bring one’s personal style together in full.

Think about the time you wanted to change up your look. More often than not, you probably thought about changing up your hair appearance, whether that be a new haircut or a new hairstyle.

How many times have people changed their hairstyle after an emotional break-up?  Usually people want a new look after a break-up because they want to shed those feelings by cutting everything attributing to that individual out of their life. They want a new way in which to express this phase of being newly single.

Hair allows people to show a different outlook of their life and is an excellent form of self-expression. Having products to cater to that could be helpful when establishing your beauty brand because haircare breeds life into self-expression values.

Freedom of Self-Expression through Fragrance

One of the most memorable forms of self-expression can be seen in the beauty industry through fragrance and perfume choices people use.

Because nothing is more memorable than a scent.

People remember scents. A particular scent can remind you of a person or time in your life. What you see is an important aspect of self-expression but how you feel is arguably even more dominant in how you choose to interact in the world.

It is amazing how a certain scent can bring up cherished memories that can bring you back to a far-gone time. Many people are drawn to a certain scent and use this scent on a daily basis because emotions are a powerful force.

Scents convey emotional responses and emotions are directly linked to how people perceive situations.

In the end…emotions are what makes us human.

Emotions are what keeps us connected across time and space.

So, how people choose to smell like is a form of self-expression as well.

A great way to make your beauty brand memorable is to establish scents that can relate to people and their identity. You can put scents in any of your beauty products (just make sure to watch for certain skin sensitivities) or you can have a fragrance line that people can look to complement their other beauty products.

Freedom of Authentic Self-Expression

No matter how beauty is used as a mode of self-expression, one thing is for sure; beauty and self-expression are forever linked to one another.

Your senses are avenues in how you see others. So, it’s crucial to appeal to the senses when expressing yourself in a way that makes you feel beautiful.

Because that is where self-expression values the most: in how you see yourself.

Think about how beauty has been linked to your own forms of self-expression and use that inspiration in running your own beauty business.

What motivates or inspires you, and how has this beauty given you the freedom to be able to portray that?

As you continue exploring just what your beauty business needs, use beauty and self-expression as your guide into what influences you.

You just might find the answers you have been looking for.

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