The beauty industry in the past has lacked a true understanding of what the Black community needs. Black people have often been left out and neglected. Fortunately, Black-owned businesses have continued to address these needs with a powerful force of ingenuity and resilience.

Historically, the beauty industry did not make products for Black women or women of color. Standard colors did not work with darker skin tones and makeup artists did not know how to style different textured hair. Plus, diverse representation was not shown in advertising when it came to beauty products because it was not considered an ideal form of beauty.

The good news is that this lack of diversity has changed and continues to change because there are so many different skin types and tones even in a single culture.

The beauty industry should be a space to celebrate natural beauty, no matter what that natural beauty looks like.

Because in the end, beauty products are here to make you feel good, not make you feel excluded.

No matter the skin tone.

And Black-owned beauty businesses are a good place to showcase that.

Being able to contribute to crafting formulas that work for the Black community is crucial for expanding the beauty industry’s ode to inclusivity and true beauty when it comes to freedom of expression.

Plus, Black-owned brands are sought after because of their ingenuity, necessity, and accessibility for people of color to get what they need that other brands may not understand or offer. Aspiring Black business owners have the opportunity to make their mark to represent the visual aspect of diversity that has been lacking and pave the way for the future of inclusivity and diversity in beauty brands.

Black Beauty

Supporting Black-Owned Beauty Brands

Since our focus is on encouraging entrepreneurship in the beauty industry, the support needed for Black-owned beauty brand businesses is a part of expanding the horizons of what it means to be a beauty brand. Whatever race you are, supporting different businesses should be because the products and/or services are stellar and are what is needed by people like yourself.

However, people, especially women of color, often state that it’s hard to find products that works with their ethnicity because colors can look different on darker versus lighter skin tones. One size does not fit all when it comes to beauty, and brands must acknowledge that.

So, it makes sense to have business owners have that representation, not only as part of their ethos, but also as a gateway to show that customers needs can be addressed, no matter what they look like.

Here are 3 reasons why Black-Owned Beauty Businesses are important to the beauty industry and how they can be supported:

1. Haircare Support – Unique Textures 

Black Haircare

All too often the beauty industry has been underserved by lacking products and solutions that cater to the needs of Black hair. Because of this need, the Black Haircare business is growing and continues to rise exponentially.

The texture of Black hair is unique and needs solutions that nurture its texture and maintain its health. This often gets excluded due to lack of understanding and awareness for what the Black community needs.

Many women of color have had to go against their natural hair structure in favor of what products were available. By embracing different hair textures, Black haircare and Black-owned businesses in this industry have been able to give haircare products that work with the beauty of their natural hair.

2. Makeup Support – Deeper Shades

Deeper Shades of Makeup Foundation

Another example is offering makeup foundations and products to accommodate deeper skin tones. Darker shades, even for brown skin tones, are limited and oftentimes lacking all together.

Black-owned businesses can have a nuanced perspective and understanding of what is missing when it comes to offering more shades that reflect the diversity of different cultures.

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty made waves due to the brilliant inclusivity that her brand showcases to cater to multiple shades and skin types.

Influential makeup artists have continued to promote more minority-focused beauty brands because more shades are widely available.

There’s so much opportunity to stand out from other beauty brands because of who you are, your story, and the selection of products you sell and promote. So, consider the audience reach by offering more diverse shades.

3. Diversity Support – Minority-Owned Businesses

black-owned businesses

The importance of black owned businesses like Rihanna’s cannot be understated. Whether it’s large corporate run businesses or smaller businesses trying to make it, the influence this holds can continue to change the course of what beauty means to Black owners and Black shoppers in praise of African heritage and multicultural people everywhere.

What Black owners and Black shoppers have in common is the feeling of pride.

And hope.

Black-owned businesses need to be supported. They help to strengthen minority communities and provide much needed jobs.

Not only does supporting Black businesses and encouraging Black entrepreneurship increase representation, it also helps create a better life for future generations and proliferate an environment of empowerment and success for future minority entrepreneurs.

And inspires others to do the same.

Deeper skin tones have been underrepresented and undervalued, so marketing to different diverse cultures is key for representation of all races.

The Contribution of Black Beauty Brand Businesses

Black Entrepreneurs

If you are an aspiring Black business owner that has always wanted to be an entrepreneur in the beauty industry, this is your moment to take your ideas and create something magical for the world to enjoy.

Because in the end, skin tone doesn’t matter.

It’s seeing the beauty of each skin tone that matters.

And that’s where you can contribute as a beauty brand.

And take your stand.

If you so desire, be that beauty brand that is celebrated for its variety of shades and colors, while also offering natural products that complement the beauty of diverse heritages.

And as you are building your brand, listen to your customers and target audience in what they are looking for. When it comes to accessibility for beauty products, it can feel amazing on the other end of the purchase button.

Especially when the customer realizes that they have finally found the brand that works for them and accentuates their beauty, regardless of color.

Regardless of who they are.

Because beauty is for everyone.

And anyone who wants to make a difference.

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