Most people are adamant about how their face and body looks, purchasing ALL the products for that all-around glow-up and anti-aging care.

But unlike the face and the rest of the skin on the body, feet can be easily neglected in the beauty industry, even though the desire is still for smooth skin on the feet.

It seems these days there is a moisturizer and cream for every nook, crack, and cranny on the body.

So, why not enter the foot care market by selling these specific products as a way to stand out in your beauty brand?

With people not realizing about foot health and why it is necessary for all around body health, marketing products towards this problem may be what your beauty business skin care line needs.

Plus, you can educate your audience on how valuable foot health is not only for the feet, but for their entire body as well.

Feet pretty much take the brunt of your daily excursions, and this is why you, with your beauty brand, can start showcasing why it’s necessary to taking care of this neglected extremity.

Continue reading to learn why this is your opportunity as a beauty brand business to market products for foot care.

Don’t Just Talk the Talk; Walk the Walk (Sell Foot Care Products with Integrity)

foot care products to help feet - sell foot care products with integrity

Many people are embarrassed to talk about their feet, especially if they have a foot issue, such as fungal infections, diabetic foot disorders, dry feet, stinky feet, etc. This can be a HUGE pain-point for a customer because they don’t want to talk about how awful their feet are.

This is where your beauty brand skin care line comes in.

You can change the way someone sees their feet by empathetically understanding and speaking to this pain.

Because ultimately, running a beauty brand business involves being empathetic and solving problems. That’s why people are silently googling, “foot care” or “products to help take care of feet.”

You want to be the solution with just a simple Google search.

By creating content on your business website that addresses this issue, you are telling potential customers that they are not alone and that yes, many people have foot issues and that it’s nothing to feel bad about.

You are giving people comfort knowing that they are not alone. That in itself can help people make decisions to seek out solutions for themselves.

And once you help people acknowledge that they are not alone, they will then try to find out how to help fix their problem.

And this is where you offer your products for them to purchase.

So, when you “talk the talk” on foot care, make sure you follow through with your claims.

Marketing can only go so far if you are just saying things to the customer without giving reasons as to why your foot care products are the best.

Make sure to offer information in scientific research, studies, and proven clinical trials that explains why foot health is necessary and how certain ingredients that you’ve chosen help take care of any feet issues the customer has.

By being credible in what you are offering, you are establishing ethos, that brand trustworthiness and loyalty, that is essential for any business, so you can continue to sell quality products to people who need help.

Foot Care Product Options (Scrubs, Stones, Creams, Peels, and More!)

Foot Care Product Options (Scrubs, Stones, Creams, Peels, and More!)

Once you’ve done the research and gathered the evidence on the crucial nature of foot health to skin and body health—as well as figuring out which ingredients would work for your foot care products— now it’s time to think of product options to market and cater to your target audience.

Here are some product ideas that you can sell that target different aspects of foot health:

So much dead skin can accumulate on the feet. And worse, people can feel disgusted and want to take care of the issue right away.

There are tons of ingredients out there that you can look at when it comes to concocting your products. Remember to look at natural beneficial properties of herbal as well as chemical ingredients, but also be aware of your target audience base and what they are looking for when it comes to health in general.

However, for products like peels and masks, there are going to be some chemicals to help with the formulation, so make sure to be transparent in what goes into your ingredient list. In the end, you want to make things better for your customer, not worse.

Here are some natural ingredients to consider:

…and so much more!

When it comes to business, no matter what business venture anyone goes into, research, research, research. Be the brand that does their due diligence always, especially because you are selling a product that people will use on their body constantly.

Marketing Foot Health (How to Take Care of Feet: 101)

Marketing Foot Health (How to Take Care of Feet: 101)

People love it when you give them a complete set—or bundle—to take care of their beauty needs. It can be irritating and exasperating for customers when they have to buy so many products and figure out for themselves what to do with them without any guidance.

So, give the people what they want.

Give them a complete foot care kit or set.

Give them step-by-step instructions on how to care for their feet.

And make it fun!

On your social media, put this set together with posts and even video reels. Display regular people taking care of their feet with your awesome foot care set and show even other potential customers why now is the time to start taking care of their feet.

Emphasize different bundles with specific products to target certain factors of foot health.

For dry feet, include some moisturizing products with scents that will make them less worried about stinky feet AND targets the dryness.

For rough feet, make sure to add some exfoliating items that smoothens the skin from flakiness AND prevents from shedding.

For tired feet that just need some extra TLC, provide that bundle with materials that can even be given as a GIFT (think fluffy socks particular for their foot care).

Plus, you may get people who never though of foot care before finding something they did not know they needed.

And that’s the best type of marketing for your beauty brand business.

Neglected No Longer: A Step Above Foot Care

foot care neglected no longer

If you need something to make your beauty brand business stand out, or even to just take your beauty brand to the next level, consider looking at selling foot care products.

The skin is the largest organ in the body, and it reaches all the way down to the toes.

From toe nails to heels, feet need no longer to be forgotten in the beauty industry when it comes to entering the foot care market.

If beauty is all about feeling good in your skin and body, then the feet are a part of that beauty as well.

Be the skin care line that cares.

And not just care about the most looked at part of the body (ahem, the face).

Include the extremity that more often than not, is hidden from the eyes of others, and be a part of the foot care cosmetics market trend.

So when these extremities get their day in the sun, they are healthy, happy, and glowing.

And your customers will come back for more foot care products to make sure that’s the case.

And if you have other products in your line, they might look at those, too :).

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