How does selling sunscreen help your beauty brand business?

No matter the skin type and no matter the skin care routine, people need to buy sun protection. Some sun is good, of course, but when it comes to the harmful radiation from extended periods in sunlight, it’s crucial for people to slap on some facial sunscreen daily with a morning skin care routine to prevent sun damage’s harmful effects on the skin barrier.

While it’s usually easy for people to remember to put on a daily moisturizer in a skin care routine, most of the time, it’s harder to remember sun protection.

This is why many beauty brand businesses offer sun protection within their products or as a separate product all together.

There are so many types of sunscreen options offered from many different brands. Options such as mineral sunscreen, moisturizer with sunscreen, and even tinted sunscreen showcase how the sun protection factor in skin care must not be neglected. Ever.

Consumers can get easily overwhelmed.

The makeup brands that offer mineral-based sun protection in their makeup and skin care products can use titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which help absorb UV radiation to protect the skin. There are also chemical sunscreens, but they can have harmful substances.

These active ingredients of mineral protection are useful and effective, which research has shown that it doesn’t penetrate the skin barrier. However, more studies need to be conducted to determine for sure since there are some concerns for it’s toxicity (mostly if it is ingested and non-nano vs. nano).

Consider selling sunscreen that is safe for all skin types that is also non-comedogenic. A bonus is to also sell a sunscreen that’s “reef safe.” because chemical sunscreens have been linked to coral reef deterioration.

Be transparent about your product’s ingredients and do copious amount of research on the best product formulations so your customers can feel that they are protected not only from the sun’s radiation, but also from harmful additives.

Plus, this is a great way to add a complimentary product in your makeup or skincare line that only keeps your customers coming back for more on the basis of trust and satisfaction.

But the first step is to convince your audience and fans of your beauty brand why sunscreen is such an important aspect for their skin care maintenance.

Why Include Selling Sunscreen as a Beauty Product

Why Include Selling Sunscreen as a Beauty Product

Selling sunscreen for a daily beauty routine is an absolute must. In fact, sunscreen can be worn all year round. This means that the revenue of this product can be beneficial to your business.

Make sure to market how sunscreen has been shown to help improve skin and reduce signs of aging that sunlight may impose. While it may seem insignificant and unnecessary, sunscreen can play a vital role in skin health and maintenance, which is what people want when they are looking for when purchasing skin care products.

Sunscreen has been known to protect from harmful UV light, reduce the risk of sunburn, help to prevent signs of aging in age spots, and protect the skin from developing issues such as skin cancer. So while putting sunscreen on the body may seem like a no-brainer for most people before spending copious amounts of time outside, people often forget how exposed their face is on a daily basis.

And this is a marketable component for a beauty business.

Promoting and providing this extra step of applying sunscreen to the face before applying moisturizer and makeup is necessary for all skin types to maintain the longevity of youthful and healthy skin.

And most importantly, helps you sell more product.

Selling Sunscreen that Works with Makeup and Moisturizer 

Choosing sunscreen that works with makeup and moisturizer 

While it may feel like a nuisance to consumers to find a good sunscreen that works for the face, rest assure your audience that with your beauty brand, this doesn’t have to be the case.

Typically, most sunscreens can feel oily and tacky, but with the awareness of healthy skin in the beauty industry, the sunscreen market has become more profitable market. There are a lot more affordable options available for sunscreen for the face than there used to be.

Instead of being intimidated by a very saturated market, learn from it. For example, the Korean Skincare Industry has been known to produce face sunscreens that blend into the skin seamlessly. Another option is to look out for other brands for inspiration that already incorporate an SPF in their makeup for that added layer of protection.

Once people find that your sunscreen product is the best for them, it is important to remind customer’s to be consistent with the application. The key is to encourage your audience to incorporate sunscreen as another part of their daily routine and it will become a helpful habit and essential step for them in no time.

And this only helps with sales.

By building in sunscreen in your beauty bundles, or even as a tempting giveaway after spending X amount of dollars, this can be great to encourage putting on sunscreen as a daily habit in your customers.

Selling Sunscreen that Doesn’t Harm People or the Planet 

Sunscreen that doesn't harm people or the planet 

As your audience dives into the world of skin protection with your beauty brand, it is important to remember that skin is only as healthy as the environment around us. Be sure to implement selling sunscreen that is both environmentally friendly and also reef safe.

Some sunscreens have substances in them that have been known to be harmful to the environment, specifically the ocean’s coral reefs. When formulating your sunscreen product, look out for ingredients that have been known to cause harm to the ocean environments and that are even banned in some countries because of the havoc they wreak.

This is why product labels are so important. Make sure your beauty brand’s sunscreen does not contain the following:

Typically stick with producing and selling sunscreens that are mineral based and look at the brands that are environmentally aware. Be sure to double check when combining active ingredients for effective sun protection, and you should be good to go.

Prevent Sun Damage with Your Quality Skin Care or Beauty Line

Be the beauty brand that takes care of their customers and covers the basis for their skin care needs. Skin care products only go so far as its effectiveness, and most people focus on this skin concern that is universal.

There is no reason that people can’t have copious amounts of fun in the sun. But remember, even though people need protection from the sun, the environment needs to be kept safe as well.

So offer this to customers when building your beauty brand business.

Consistent sunscreen with the right sunscreen products—especially when you consider mineral protection and other natural ingredients, such as lycopene which provides essential antioxidants—is all about defending and repairing the skin after enjoying the beauty of the natural world.

Go beyond the regular sale of sunscreen and offer a protective barrier with the daily dose of defense from environmental damage and future damage. This one product can elevate any basic routine from sub-par to a skin barrier function for your customers.

And that can be a huge selling point as a beauty business.

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