The secrets of Korean Beauty are becoming more accessible with consumers all over the world asking, “What is Korean Skincare?” and “What are the steps in the Korean Skincare routine?” With the beauty standard focused more on skin health versus skin cover-up, it seems very likely that Korean Skincare is the beauty trend here to stay.

This comprehensive take on skincare is being celebrated in the beauty world every day. Even western brands in the beauty industry has especially taken ahold of these secrets from Asian Skincare routines by incorporating these types of products into their beauty line.

What’s incredible about the Korean Skincare phenomenon is the capacity of knowledge within this skincare regimen that can truly benefit people. Specifically, Korean methods and products offer a distinctive take on how to approach different skincare issues.

For what is beauty but in the eye of the beholder?

Well, behold the beauty that is accessible to anyone with the dedication to their skin health.

And, as a beauty business, that’s where you come in.

The unique ingredients and generational knowledge of multiple solutions for skin health within the 10-Step Korean Skincare has changed the game of how important skincare is in the beauty world. Because the focus is on quality ingredients, proven methods, and amazing results, beauty is about how you feel, not just how you look.

Read on to see how you can incorporate the secrets of the Korean Skincare industry into your own beauty brand.


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Unique Ingredients + Herbal Formulas = Amazing Results

As you know, quality and effective skincare is the basis of healthy and glowing skin. But most people don’t really know how to care for their specific skin type.

Korean Skincare is known for using unique natural ingredients with fantastic applications that promote beautiful skin. How the Korean’s approach skincare is an important discussion in the beauty industry because of the natural and active ingredients used to attain optimum skin health.

Some of the most beloved ingredients in Korean Skincare include (research articles linked):

While some of the most popular ingredients may seem unusual at first, many consumers swear by the innovation that Korean Skincare offers. Ongoing research has shown the significance of these traditional ingredients and how they are used for everyday skin health.

The way Korean Skincare has been able to adapt formulas from these proven natural and active ingredients that work for varying skin types remains phenomenal and keeps customers from around the world coming back for more.

If you want to incorporate any of these ingredients in your beauty brand’s skincare line, make sure to do the appropriate research when formulating products to be used on skin daily. Additionally, by providing the research to your customers, they’ll be able to trust what you are offering in your brand.


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Generational Skincare Knowledge that’s Affordable

Korean Skincare has taken the world by storm and is applauded for its many application and solutions. Many Korean Skincare brands have top notch quality that does not usually include unnecessary filler ingredients that don’t have any real application or use for the skin. In South Korea, having good skin is part of a lifestyle of taking care of oneself.

It seems there is never a lack of options because Korean Skincare tends to have a specific formula or a bundle step solution for all types of skin issues. Korean skincare companies know how to approach different skin types and address concerns from acne to aging skin (see ingredient list above).

If it is a skin concern, it is more than likely that Korean Skincare has got it covered. Korean Skincare brands know this, so they compete with one another for the best possible formulas and ingredients.

We can thank ancient traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation to reach the hands of eager beauty connoisseurs and skincare enthusiasts around the world.

Because the generational knowledge of formulas and beauty tips are often passed down, this understanding is also incorporated into the Korean culture itself. These formulas tend to center around skin hydration and protecting the skin from pollutants and harmful UV rays because that was—and continues to be—the focus of maintaining skin health, no matter the age or gender.

What is special about Korean Skincare is that the industry is dedicated to finding the best possible solutions for smooth, flawless skin. Plus, the ability to have access to top ingredients at an affordable price is very important in the Korean Beauty Industry for everyone’s use.

The dedication of making these formulas applicable, accessible, and affordable to the rest of the world and general public is admirable.

So, why not utilize and incorporate the high quality approach to beauty within your own beauty line?


The 10-Step Skincare Routine


The 10-Step Skincare Routine

As Korean Skincare continues to make groundbreaking advancements in beauty, what they are most known for is their famous 10-Step Skincare Routine. This routine is often adapted depending on people’s skin needs and whether or not it is a daytime versus nighttime routine.

Multiple solutions for varying concerns are what this 10-Step Routine prides itself with. Sometimes steps are omitted or cut down to a simpler 5 step routine. But in general, a comprehensive 10-Step Skincare Routine is as follows (Click link for a more detailed explanation and applicable ingredients):

1. Oil based cleanser or balm – to breakdown makeup and/or sunscreen

2. Water based cleanser – to remove sweat and dirt

3. Exfoliator – to clean debris from pores and remove dead skin cells

4. Toner – balances moisture and pH levels of skin

5. Essence – hydrates and aids in cell rejuvenation

6. Serum – targets specific skin concerns

7. Sheet mask – Infuses skin with concentrated essence (plus, it’s a great spa treatment)

8. Eye cream – hydrates and prevents dark circles, puffiness, and crow’s feet

9. Moisturizer – seals in moisture to plump and smooth skin

10. Sunscreen – protects skin from damaging UV rays (during the day)

Regardless of how people approach skincare, no one can argue that the Korean Skincare regimen and its comprehensive steps are an invaluable and integrative approach to changing skincare for the better.


Including the 10-Step Routine in your Beauty Product Line


Including the 10-Step Routine in your Beauty Product Line

You don’t have to have a Korean brand or beauty product to sell one or more of the 10-Step Skincare Routine in your skincare product line. The cosmetic industry is full of innovators that take inspiration in pursuit of the “almost” perfect skin.

So while this “almost” perfect skin may be hard, or even impossible to attain, you can take the genius of this Korean beauty trend and apply it to your skincare products.

Because there is an array of natural ingredients with proven skin health benefits, you can market to different skin types, such as sensitive skin, dry skin, oily skin, and any other type of skin condition. As mentioned earlier, research the ingredients that combat certain types of issues, and take the time to formulate your product that works as a solution to the particular skin type.


Asian and Korean Beauty: What the Beauty Industry Needed


Asian and Korean Beauty: What the Beauty Industry Needed

Korean beauty is changing the game of what it means to be a brand in the beauty industry. They have shown how cosmetics and skin health can work hand-in-hand for the benefit of the consumer.

With these secrets widely accessible, this is just what the beauty industry needed.

If you are interested in dipping your toes in the pool of beauty with skincare, you can be rest assured knowing that Korean Skincare brands, businesses, and products will be around for the benefit of skin everywhere.

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