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This course is unique and designed to help beauty professionals of all levels. Whether you have been in the industry for a while or are just starting out, our course will guide and motivate you to turn your passion and goals into tangible actions that will elevate your beauty brand. No other course offers this level of support and guidance.

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We pride ourselves on being a reliable, supportive and knowledgeable partner for your success. You’ll get expert training from our trained professional instructors, one-on-one attention from our dedicated coaches, access to tools and resources for building your business, as well as ongoing support from our community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

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With StartBeauty you’ll learn from experts in all aspects of the industry – marketing, sales, finance and more. Our experience with the broad range of beauty businesses guarantees that you’ll be able to build and grow the right way.

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There are several advantages to completing beauty business courses online.


Our courses allow you to learn at your own pace and schedule, so you can fit your studies into your busy life.

Cost Effectiveness

More affordable than traditional in-person courses, as you don't have to pay for transportation or housing.

Access to Expert Instructors

Our courses are taught by industry experts who have years of experience in the field.

Career Advancement

We help you gain new skills and knowledge that can help you advance your career in the beauty industry.

Interactive Learning

We have videos, quizzes, and group discussions, which can make learning more engaging and enjoyable.

Relevant and Up-To-Date

We provide the latest trends and best practices in the beauty industry, so you can be sure you're learning the most current and relevant information.

“You need this! If you’re thinking about making your beauty business or brand this course, it’s what you need to succeed.”

– Bill B.

“As a beauty entrepreneur, there are many things that I had to learn on my own. StartBeauty helped me by guiding me through the process, and it was really easy for me to get the ball rolling! Their website provides information about every aspect of running a beauty business and has been an invaluable resource in my journey.” 

– Claire J.

“I’m so glad I found StartBeauty when I was starting my company! It’s difficult to know where to begin for a new beauty entrepreneur and this website is the best place to go. They offer detailed descriptions as well as immense amounts of information that helped me launch my beauty company. Thanks StartBeauty!!”

– Pauline A.

“I cannot recommend StartBeauty enough. I am a total beginner when it comes to beauty products, but StartBeauty’s blog and online courses have been my lifesaver. They are there to answer all your questions, give you weekly tips, and so much more!”

– Florence M.

Let's face it...

Starting a beauty brand can be a challenging and exciting endeavor, but it can also come with a number of problems and obstacles that need to be overcome.


The beauty industry is highly competitive, with many established brands vying for customers' attention and loyalty. A startup beauty brand may struggle to stand out in such a crowded market.


Many startup beauty brands operate on a shoestring budget, which can make it difficult to compete with larger, more established brands. This can lead to challenges such as limited marketing and advertising budgets, and difficulty in sourcing high-quality ingredients and packaging.


Many startup beauty brands are started by individuals who are passionate about beauty but may not have a background in the industry. This can lead to a lack of knowledge about key issues such as product development, regulatory requirements, and industry trends.

StartBeautycan offer a number of solutions
to these difficulties.

Providing information about the beauty industry

We provide a wealth of information about the beauty industry, including trends, regulatory requirements, and key players. This can help your startup beauty brand to better understand the market you are entering and how to position yourself within it.

Offering guidance on product development

StartBeauty provides guidance on key issues such as formulating products, sourcing ingredients, and packaging. This can help your brand to develop high-quality products that meet industry standards and stand out in the market.

Providing marketing and advertising guidance

We will guide you on how to effectively market and advertise yourbeauty brand, including tips on social media marketing, influencer marketing, and other tactics. This can help you effectively promote your products and reach your target audience.

Connecting with industry professionals

We give opportunities for you to connect with industry professionals, such as beauty experts and entrepreneurs. This can provide valuable insights and connections that can help your beauty brand to succeed.


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Setting Up
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