Learn the specifics about the beauty industry. You will see the product categories, subcategories. Hair types, skincare complexion, makeup trends, and much more!

  • Lesson 1: Finding a Product
    In this lesson, you will learn about the different categories and subcategories of beauty. We will teach you where to look for the newest product trends and where you can find information about what the market is looking for. At the end of this lesson, you will determine with trends and analytics which products you want to develop.
  • Lesson 2: The Importance of Differentiation
    In this lesson, you will understand the importance of product differentiation. The process of distinguishing a product or service from others to make it more attractive to a particular target market. Create them to be unique and bring new value to the market.
  • Lesson 3: Finding Your Target Market
    In this lesson, you will learn how to find your target market. Defining who your real audience is will help you focus on creating the right products. For this, you will need to ask: What problems does my company’s product or service solve? Who is my competition? What do customers stand to gain from choosing us (instead of a competitor)? An audience definition should connect your product, your audience demographic, and your product mission.
  • Lesson 4: Creating Personas
    We will teach you what marketing personas are, why you need to develop your marketing personas, and how to create them. You’ll need to answer: Who, What, When, Where, and Why. And this will help you understand specific details about your persona like gender, personality, family life, job title, job function, employer, location, income, needs, pain points, and challenges. At the end of this lesson, you will create the personas for your beauty brand.
  • Lesson 5: Validating Your Idea
    Validating your business idea, it’s a crucial part of your project. We will teach you how to define goals, the minimum success criteria, plan to execute the test, and whether the idea is validated or still need to change some things. By the end of this lesson, you will create a plan to validate your idea and apply it to analyze results.
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